Avenpitch – Hacienda


Avenpitch’s “Hacienda” starts off sounding like the opening theme to a pleasant sitcom from the 60s. When the loop of beats come in, it still sounds like a sitcom – except now it’s from the 90s. Then the Shaun Ryder-style shouty mouth singing kicks in – If you’re still thinking sitcoms, well then it’s a drug addled and twisted one.

The retro sound of the beats and slightly fuzzed bass and 80s synths will have you wondering if they’re Kraftwerk fans, but any electro-pop band worth their salt will be just that. Yet it’s vocalist Todd’s influence from the Happy Mondays that rings through the clearest. He shouts his way through with assured haughtiness that would make the Ryder brothers proud. Let’s hope Avenpitch never intend to make a record like Yes, Please!

“Hacienda” tells of being sussed to the fakers and wondering how to get satisfaction. Perhaps to get full satisfaction from this band, you would be hoping things were either a little funkier or at least a little dirtier. Or maybe even funnier. There’s promise here, but for now the band has yet to give us a reason to rush out and buy their CD.