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Various Artists – Robotic Empire Sampler #1

Various ArtistsRobotic Empire Sampler #1 "A Sampler?" I said to my friend, drunkenly. "How the hell do I review a sampler?" "Well, you moron," he said, "you just sort of talk about what acts on the sampler represent something interesting, and which ones you don't like, and why." "Oh yeah," I said, and, once I sobered up, I sat down to write the … [Read more...]

Cat Power – You Are Free

Cat PowerYou Are Free Having somewhat accidentally acquired the baton of soul-bearing head-spinning balladry from Kristin Hersh with the much-loved Moon Pix in 1998, Chan Marshall (who is 99% of Cat Power) has struggled to sate the appetite of her fanatical followers ever since. A series of shattered and stumbling live performances and awkward … [Read more...]

Bettie Serveert – Log 22

Bettie ServeertLog 22Cruelly displaced by the collapse of the early-90s college-rock boom, Holland's Bettie Serveert seemed to slip-off many people's indie-rock radar sometime after 1997's disappointing third album, Dust Bunnies, lost them the label backing of both Matador (US) and Beggars Banquet (UK). That's a shame, because 2000's John … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Fat Music Vol. VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence

Various ArtistsFat Music Vol. VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence I don't really see any purpose for this compilation. That's not to say it's a bad album; it just seems pointless. With the exception of Wizo and Frenzal Rhomb, all of the acts included are already insanely well-known, so it doesn't really promote any "up-and-coming" bands. I suppose one … [Read more...]

Reggie and the Full Effect – Under the Tray

Reggie and the Full EffectUnder the Tray I expected another dose of genius, and what I got was a little something lower on the food chain. Reggie and the Full Effect's debut effort, Greatest Hits '84-'87, was and still is wonderful, perfectly combining comedy and nerded-out indie rock. The second effort, Promotional Copy, was almost as wildly … [Read more...]

Steve Caballero – Bandology Vol. 1

Steve CaballeroBandology Vol. 1 So, famous skateboarder, Steve Caballero, has just put out a compilation album featuring cuts from all four of the bands that he has played with over the years. But, are we interested just because he is famous, or does his music speak for itself? Well, one would probably listen to it initially due to name recognition … [Read more...]

California Snow Story – One Good Summer EP

California Snow StoryOne Good Summer EP Whenever I think of Scotland, I think of the wet, cold, foggy weather. The last time I was there it rained the whole time. Okay, I was only there two days, but still. Most of the music I listen to that has been made by Scots reflects their "harsh" environment. Take, for example, Travis. It's always raining on … [Read more...]


iSOLAS/T EP iSOLA is a four-piece band hailing from Texas where the members got together while attending Southwest Texas State University. On the band's debut EP, the musicians keep things firmly rooted in airy pop tunes. This recording is full of bright melodies clearly influenced by early Brit-pop. "Medic" starts things off with some … [Read more...]

Calexico – Feast of Wire

CalexicoFeast of Wire This is the fourth release from the group of friends and musicians led by Joey Burns and John Convertino, who are the rhythm section of Giant Sand. Burns and Convertino are also highly sought-after studio musicians for many different projects. The band is rooted in many different forms of traditional music, and they blend all … [Read more...]

The Instruments – Billions of Phonographs

The InstrumentsBillions of PhonographsExcepting a radical shift in the current musical climate, the Instruments, an Athens-based collective of musicians centered around Heather McIntosh, will not find much of a place on the radio with their debut, Billions of Phonographs. Neither will they have an easy time finding their niche even in the … [Read more...]