Two Week Notice – Turn on Me EP

Two Week Notice
Turn on Me EP

Two Week Notice hail from Athens/Atlanta, Ga. and play really fun pop-punk not dissimilar to Element 101. The lyrics certainly leave no doubt of the band’s Christianity, but that alone should never dissuade a potential listener. In fact, one listen through these 16 minutes and four tracks, and you just might just find yourself a fan.
“Remember the Memories” starts the CD off introducing you to the band’s sound and the pleasant female vocals. The sound is definitely influenced by modern punk-rock; power chords play endlessly and squealing riffs pop in and out. The female vocals are innocent sounding and are accentuated through assonance throughout the chorus. The lyrics fit neatly into the combination: “I turned you on / You turned on me / Not turning out the way it seems / Don’t turn off the memories.” “Three Hundred and Twenty” is the band’s rock-out track. Five full minutes of catchy riffs, pounding drums, and power breakdowns show off the band’s talent. And at the end of this track, I’m not sure what they did, but it sounds like they recorded an angel, or maybe the mythological sirens. Either way, it’s completely beautiful and I could listen to it for 10 minutes before bed every night and be happy.
The last track, “For the Love Of…” is a power ballad sung to God. And I guess that is what separates this pop-punk band from the others. All their love songs don’t focus on physical relationships, many focus on spiritual relationships. Towards the end of this track the heavenly vocals come back into the background, the instruments begin to fade, and “hallelujah, I am loved” is repeated until the close.
If you really cant bear Christian music, this EP is probably not up your alley. But, if you like a well put-together band with a sweet melodic punk feel to it, this CD is where it’s at. I hope to see these guys at Cornerstone 2003.