The Zephyrs – The Love That Will Guide You Back Home EP

The Zephyrs
The Love That Will Guide You Back Home EP

The Zephyrs primarily consist of brothers David and Stuart Nicol, and this is the second release following their debut full-length. This is a four-song EP full of sparse folk tunes, at times upbeat and humorous, that are a lot of fun to listen to. This release contains two songs from their full-length, one of which is a remixed version by Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai. This is a nice mix of folky sounds mixed with originality and a certain charm that is brought to the music.
“The Love That Will Bring You Back Home” starts the disc off with a dreamy little melody featuring some hauntingly beautiful soft guitart playing. There is also some strong buzzing synth accompanying this slow-paced sparse little ditty that is quite fun to listen to. “Carpentry” has the Nicol brothers crooning over moaning slide guitar that lends a dreamy heartbroken quality to this composition that wouldn’t be as strong without it. “Obeyessekere” is the highlight of this short EP with its pretty guitar playing and good vocals with a nice lyrical touch. The vocals are the highlight of this song with great harmony that will put a smile across your face. It’s nice to hear something like this done that well.
This EP, which contains some very nice songs that work well together, is a nice little hold-off untill the band’s next full-length is released. The band blends folk and slow-core influences nicely, creating a warm buzz through each composition. It’s hard to miss when there’s a song like “Obeyessekere,” which can carry itself seperately on a disc of pleasant other morsels. The remix is kind of a mistake just because it sticks out like a sore thumb and isn’t that intriguing; it’s the one misstep here, though not that big of one. This is a fun release that has some wonderful songs on it; it leaves you interested in hearing the band’s next release.