The Spill Canvas – Caterpillars

The Spill Canvas

The Spill Canvas is Nick Thomas, a Sioux Falls, S.D. resident who is the only permanent member of this project, although it’s clear he’s either helped out on his songs or does some fine mixing. The Spill Canvas lists emo bands as their influence, and you might expect another band like Saves the Day from the mp3 page, but at least for this song alone, you get an extremely heart-felt track that’s equal parts Onelinedrawing and Guster, using excellent acoustic guitars and some neat vocal effects to give a tired genre a breath of fresh air.

“Caterpillars” starts with the acoustic guitar, and that’s where the Guster comparisons come from. The guitar is intricate and quite nice, and the opening vocals have an airy quality that gives the song its immediate impression of airiness. Throughout, Thomas’ vocals have a bit of echo to them yet possess the kind of urgency that made Dashboard Confessional so much fun to listen to. The lyrics seem deeply personal; he finishes the song singing “you’re so beautiful tonight.” The vocals are layered, however, and multiple guitar parts are combined to give a more fleshed-out feel than some of the bare-bones Dashboard Confessional feel.

Fans of Dashboard Confessional will appreciate Thomas’ work as The Spill Canvas. This is clearly the work of a talented musician. I can see where an attempt to rock harder may move too close the same tired emo sound we’ve heard so much of, but with the wonderful acoustic guitars and an intense, emotional delivery, “Caterpillars” is an excellent track.