The Sick Lipstick – S/T EP

A few years back I somehow acquired this hollAnd single that resembled a standard CD in every regard except for the good three-inches or so of clear plastic that made up the outer reaches of the disc. The central core / heart of the disc had the shine and the music, but the outer half was a mere space-holder than insured playability in your average everyday CD playing machine that couldn’t support three-inch CD singles. I thought it was cool then, and I think it’s cool now when the Sick Lipstick do the same thing for their self-titled debut EP. Yes almighty!
But aesthetic evaluations aside, the Sick Lipstick are quite the quality rock and roll group, these days. Canadians all around, and rockin’ noise-freaks at that, they embody the best that the repetitive-spazz-organ-rock-w/gender-issues scene has to offer. I’m sure the band would hate this description, but I’m lazy and drunk, so any shortcuts available shall be thoroughly taken; think of Oneida with one of them riot ladies singing about sex wars and stuff. Well not war as in blood and the honor of dying for one’s country, or anything, but, you know, differences in opinion and/or outlooks that create situations comical, tragic, and/or uncomfortable between members of opposed genders, etc. Nothing’s too preachy or strident or Hanna-esque, really, and frankly the sort of person who’d have any problems with any lyrical content probably would never want to listen to this type of music anyhow, so it’s not much of an issue, friends.
In fact I have panned this stream past productivity, and shall now let it be. The six songs on this record are brief, loud, and as sloppy as they are dense. Five originals, one Nervous Gender cover, all in about a quarter of an hour or so, a quarter of an hour of sheer angry-lady-noise-punk wonderment. Worth looking into, gents.