The Secret Band – Fling

If the UK indie scene ever decided to embrace piano bar culture then The Secret Band would be the result. Ben Folds at his most laid back and sunny or The Beatles when Paul is at the piano, The Secret Band immediately make things seem OK.

The piano led “Fling” has you virtually skipping down to the park with its breezy sound. Its lyrics encourage you to block out all that’s wrong with the world and take up the far more sensible practice of dancing about. “Fling” manages to keep things uppity without feeling too sickly sweet. It’s bright summer pop that will get you out of those winter blues.

Interestingly, The Secret Band’s website is mostly dark with sparkling white calligraphy. That sums up the band well. This is the band that will shine out in a world of darkness. The band that you will need to once more enable you to shine.

Forget the bills to be paid, that report to be written, the ex-boy/girlfriend, throw off those shackles that are holding you down. A real joy, The Secret Band may well become your favourite little secret.