The Guild League – Jet-Set. . .Go EP

The Guild League
Jet-Set. . .Go EP

The Guild League features Tali White of The Lucksmiths in a poppy acoustic venture for Matinee Records. The album is a indie-pop star-studded affair with appearances also by members of Soda Stream, Red Raku, and Art of Fighting. With this much ammo, The Guild League is more than set to create a snappy single.
“Jet-Set . . . Go” is the catchy title track with a sort of 60s mod sound, including lots of strummy guitars, noisy percussion, and even hand-clapping. This is definite winner and provokes an automatic interest in the band and the rest of the album. The next two tracks are demos of other songs that will appear on the full-length. “A Faraway Place” is a short and sweet acapella track, which is reminiscent of a barber-shop quartet. The record finishes with the simple but unremarkable acoustic number “Cornflakes.” It is pretty much your typical sad love-lost song.
This is a good taste of what is to come for The Guild League but, unless you are a Lucksmiths completeist or not willing to spring the few extra bucks, I’d suggest just snagging the full-length, Private Transportation, that came out last December. All of the songs are there and you’ll have something to listen to for longer than five minutes.