The Escape Engine – S/T EP

New Jersey’s The Escape Engine play an energetic, enthusiastic brand of the often attempted genre of emo-rock. Though, as with many of the groups out there that have recently attempted this style, they do not bring much new to the table, they perform with a sincerity that is lacking among other bands of this ilk.
Their five-song demo CD has no track listing, but all of the songs are fairly similar in structure and tempo. Verses tend to come off lighter than the choruses – that’s where the band explodes. The guitars and rhythm section are both performed with velocity and spunk. The energy of these instruments more than makes up for the adequate vocals of Dom Lettera. Not to say that he isn’t a decent enough lead-singer, but if his intensity were kicked up just a notch or two higher these songs would really be something.
A criticism of the demo is that it is hard to tell the tracks apart. The band doesn’t really vary the tempo or instrumental dynamics. On the other hand, the melody and musicianship is good. The choruses tend to get stuck in the listeners head and, again, their spirit makes one want to give this group a chance.
Though The Escape Engine, at this point, is just another face in the over-crowded world of emo-rock, they do show potential and play with a fire that others have not found. This demo could land them a decent deal. It will be interesting to see where they end up. With a bit of fine tuning, they could be a group to watch for.