The Church – Parrallel Universe

The Church
Parrallel Universe

The Church has been around for a long time and yet has gone under the radar in the States for most of that time. The Church has always crafted wonderful dreamy psych gems that have gone undeservedly unrecognized. This two-disc release has a disc full of remixes from their last album, After Everything Now This, and one full of a handful of unreleased performances from those sessions. The band’s compositions surprisingly lend themselves very well to reimaginings and are interesting to hear in this form.
The remix disc starts off with “Seen it @ the Freelance” that breaks down and finds new ways to reinvent itself time and time again. This song holds a little closer to the original than some of the others, but that is its main strength along with nice grooves and added piano spicing it up. “Repleted/Chromium” has a dreary tone to it with haunting use of the vocals and added noise elements. The song is full of interesting blips and bleeps as well as a layer of static magnifying all the other sounds. “Sleepless Night @” is a nice, airy, atmospheric piece that is very soothing for it’s 11-plus minutes, and it surprisingly doesn’t grate at the nerves.
“1st Woman on the Moon” is a spacious airy tune similar to the more obtuse side of Pink Floyd. The song just flows on by with its airy keyboards and hushed vocals with very little else to distract through most of it. “Espionage” has some very nicely placed piano, and Steve Kilbey’s vocals have quite an impressive lilt to them. “There You Go” is another dreamy psych-pop excercise with very nice bluesy-tinged guitar fills. The band seems pretty loose with Kilbey quietly delivering his vocals that set a very good mood for the music.
These two discs are directed at the longtime Church fans and those who enjoyed their last album. The remixes mostly stay on the down-tempo side, making for nice and relaxing mood music. They float on by with different nuances from track to track, making it diverse and fun to pay attention to. The collection of leftover session songs will satisfy fans since they are all pretty worthwhile and intriguing. A release that is aimed at the small cult of fans who will find much to enjoy in these new performances.