The Badger King – The Tongue and Tooth EP

The Badger King
The Tongue and Tooth EP

The Badger King is a pop duo consisting of M.Ritchey (Dear Nora, Wolf Colonel) on vocals, and Jona (Wolf Colonel) providing the accompaniment. TBK is a rather stripped-down approach to what is often called the K (Records) sound: blips, stops, ruminations on candy, slightly off-key singing – in short, a Calvin Johnson wet-dream. What makes TBK stand out on their self-released tour EP is actually good. Dreamy lyrics about crows, water, flying,and walking through the woods play perfectly against computer generated dance tracks.With only five tracks, TBK makes you stop, listen, and wonder what a “vision in green fishnets” would actually look like. The duo also integrate an Anne Sexton poem into the mix on “Sermon of the 12 Acknowledgements,” while the last track, “Buck and I,” could easily be the number one hit in a indie/hipster disco, playing along side Beat Happening’s “Don’t Touch My Bikini.” You’ll want to put the disc on repeat and dance the night away.
Trying to explain what TBK sounds like is hard; I have never heard another group like them. In a perfect world, TBK would rule the pop charts and generously give N’SYNC cameos in their music videos. TBK is disco/pop without the “wacky” hair and flashy clothes. They are the Neptunes beats without Beyonce shakin’ her “jelly.” If you like having fun and choreographing dances for your friends, this is the perfect soundtrack. If you like sitting in your basement apartment leafing through poetry and sipping herbal tea, you will enjoy the rhyme and meter found througout The Tongue and Tooth. In short, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like The Badger King.
The Badger King are from Portland, Or. A lot of my favorite things are from Portland: my Grandpa and Grandma, Pavement, and Courtney Taylor-Taylors leather pants. Well, actually, I just found out that Granny and Pops are moving to Arizona, so that leaves a nicely vacated space for the latest addition to my (ever changing) “Top Three Things About Portland” list: The Badger King.