Dreaming of the Fifth – How Rockets Make Clouds

Dreaming of the Fifth
How Rockets Make Clouds

I wasn’t so sure at first, but after listening all the way through “How Rockets Make Clouds,” I’m willing to admit that Dreaming of the Fifth is probably an emo band. But for all those who are tired of the emo genre, it’s important to not that while this Texas band contains all the requisite emo elements – heart-wrenching lyrics, melodic guitar, complex time signatures – their music isn’t the same as all those Sunny Day Real Estate wanna-bes out there. There is a lot going on here for just one song, and yet none of it is derivative.

The song starts off light, with some very rich guitar over an intricate drumline, the vocals more akin to Pavement than Sunny Day. The song progresses beautifully, flowing on the guitar lines while being given more urgency through the fantastic percussion. About half way through, it effortlessly builds into a driving rock track, with multiple guitars blasting away over the percussion. The band even treads into the post-hardcore genre, the vocals rising to emotional screams as the guitars blast away. And then it slowly fades into soft guitar by its ending.

I’m always impressed by the amount of talent out there. With only one split EP under their belt, I’m expecting we’ll hear much more from Dreaming of the Fifth down the line, and I sure hope so. This one track alone rocks hard at times, is soft and lovely at others, and effortlessly blends genres. It’s a great track from a new band to me that’s definitely worth checking out.