David Gray – A New Day at Midnight

David Gray
A New Day at Midnight

Four years after the release of White Ladder and being hailed as one of the most critically acclaimed artists in recent years, David Gray is back with his third full-length release, A New Day at Midnight. After the success of White Ladder, it seems that Gray has done it again. A New Day at Midnight is not White Ladder part 2, but it does bear certain similarities, namely emotional, beautiful music matched with equally beautiful lyrics, and, of course David Gray’s unmistakable voice. The songs (all recorded in a small room in South London) are more upbeat than White Ladder and strongly suggest that Gray has grown into himself as a musician.
Writing a follow -up to White Ladder was not an easy task considering the album is seven times platinum in the UK. Along with Clune, his song writing partner and producer, Iestyn Polson, David Gray recorded A New Day at Midnight from a small room in south London over the span of about a year. The album opens on a high but chilling note with “Dead in the Water.” The music itself is somewhat on the pop side, but the lyrics are quite vivid: “They come from miles around / In avarice and love / To suckle on the blood / Of some forgotten god.” The first track is a large step away from any of Gray’s lyrics on White Ladder and it seems, at first, he has changed his style. But by track four, “Freedom,” David Gray is back to lyrics with statements of love, emotion, and insecurity: “Take your eyes off me / There’s nothing here to see / Just trying to keep my head together / And as we make our vow / Let us remember how / There’s nothing good that lasts forever.”
A New Day at Midnight wraps up with two powerful and relatable tracks.”Easy Way to Cry,” which speaks of losing someone you love and not able being to find (as the title suggests) an easy way to cry. The lyrics are honest and down to earth and any listener will be able to relate to the subject matter. The closing track, “The Other Side,” is filled with messages of mistakes and regret. The song ends with a simple line that seems to be a recurring theme throughout Gray’s music: “Honey if I’m honest / I still don’t know what love is.”
The album flows together nicely, blending guitar, piano, and even steel drum to a perfect mix of mellow and relaxing music. A New Day at Midnight once again proves to the world that David Gray is one of today’s leading musical talents. With A New Day at Midnight, established fans of Gray are not likely to be disappointed. Newcomers to his music are very likely to become fans.