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The Guild League – Jet-Set. . .Go EP

The Guild LeagueJet-Set. . .Go EP The Guild League features Tali White of The Lucksmiths in a poppy acoustic venture for Matinee Records. The album is a indie-pop star-studded affair with appearances also by members of Soda Stream, Red Raku, and Art of Fighting. With this much ammo, The Guild League is more than set to create a snappy single. … [Read more...]

Loose Fur – S/T

Loose FurS/T The artistic marriage of Jim O'Rourke (Gastr Del Sol/Sonic Youth) and Jeff Tweedy (Uncle Tupelo/Wilco) has been one of the most unlikely - but fruitful - unions of recent years. On one side of the isle we had an avuncular post-rocker gone pop-art provocateur (O'Rourke), and on the other we had a frustrated folk-rocker (Tweedy), both of … [Read more...]

Jessica Bailiff – S/T

Jessica BailiffS/TThose who are easily depressed, beware: Jessica Bailiff's self-titled third album may not be your cup of tea. For those who enjoy wallowing in the occasional pit of despair, however, this disc may be the perfect soundtrack. Not since Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star fame pasted together gems like So Tonight That I Might See and Among … [Read more...]

Golden Shoulders – Let My Burden Be

Golden ShouldersLet My Burden Be To put it simply, Let My Burden Be is filled with the sort of indie-pop tunes that feel absolutely timeless. It is complicated and genius, but in a simple and easily accessible sort of way, and it is filled to the brim with the sort of songs that will burrow their way into your brain whether you like it or not. … [Read more...]

The Blinding Light – Glass Bullet EP

The Blinding LightGlass Bullet EP Fans of the death metal scene from the 80s and early 90s will likely have fond memories of those times. These were the days when metal (with the exception of the poser hair rockers) was in its last vestiges of evil purity. Since then, the industrial scene, modern rock, and, most importantly, hardcore have become … [Read more...]

The Badger King – The Tongue and Tooth EP

The Badger KingThe Tongue and Tooth EP The Badger King is a pop duo consisting of M.Ritchey (Dear Nora, Wolf Colonel) on vocals, and Jona (Wolf Colonel) providing the accompaniment. TBK is a rather stripped-down approach to what is often called the K (Records) sound: blips, stops, ruminations on candy, slightly off-key singing - in short, a Calvin … [Read more...]

Tobin Sprout – Lost Planet & Phantom Voices

Tobin SproutLost Planet & Phantom Voices I have always admired the work of Tobin Sprout in his many endeavours. Sprout has been very busy as a musician and using his artistic skills for other uses as well for many years now. This is the newest full-length solo release from Sprout in a couple of years now after his various projects like Airport … [Read more...]

Michael J. Sheehy – No Longer My Concern

Michael J. SheehyNo Longer My ConcernThis is the third solo disc from former Death City Film Club frontman Michael J. Sheehy, and he continues to play gloomy recordings. Sheehy has always been one to create a seedy, morbid tale, but they also have a slight subtle playful humor as well. On this album, Sheehy works with Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde on … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Mass Transit: A Compilation of Northwest Musicians

Various ArtistsMass Transit: A Compilation of Northwest MusiciansWoodson Lateral Record's website boasts that they're proud of the Mass Transit compilation, and they should be. Beyond the fact that they coordinated an album with 15 different bands contributing and beyond the very cool fact that this comp is promoting a region (all of these bands … [Read more...]

Half Visconte – Was it Fear?

Half VisconteWas it Fear? Half Visconte's first full-length album is a wonder. While more and more musicians are putting choke-holds on their creative output by writing, recording, and producing their albums all by themselves, Half Visconte is reminding us all of the magic that happens when a handful of disparate musicians apply themselves to a … [Read more...]