Putrescine – S/T

Shouted vocals, insane rhythm, shrieking guitar lines, this is the formula for Putrescine’s musical machine. The band’s real name is H2NCH2CH2CH2CH2NCH2, but Putrescine is somewhat easier to type.
The disc starts out with “Maginot Line,” and it draws you in so quickly with the angry hooks and rhythms that by the time “Museum of Abrasives” arrives and the CD is over, you think you’ve just listened to an hour’s worth of music packed into six songs.
The lyrics may illustrate the power of this band a little better. From the second track “Critical Mass Revisited”: “This potential has run dry with recurrent thoughts of disgust you have achieved perpetual motion you are the altar you are the sacrifice for this morbis lack of vision.” And the CD is chock full of cryptic lyrics to go along with the brutal musical force behind them.
Putrescine is a nice reminder of what hardcore is to me, and though they may not be the best band ever, they’re certainly not the worst band to walk the earth. Give them a try, and maybe they’ll remind you of what hardcore means to you too.