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Dreamend – Split EP

DreamendSplit EPMonster Movie formed originally in 1989 and then, without any of the original members, re-formed in 2000. Today, Monster Movie is Sean Hewson and former Slowdive guitarist Christian Savill. Dreamend fills out the second half of this split EP. Dreamend works nicely coupled with Monster Movie, possessing a similarly layered, soft, … [Read more...]

The Meligrove Band – Let it Grow

The Meligrove BandLet it GrowToronto's power-pop trio the Meligrove Band collectively have only 69 years of experience on the planet. When listening to Let it Grow, the group's second long-player after 2000's Stars & Guitars, it's somewhat hard to believe that, due in equal parts to their sophisticated grasp of pop songwriting and their decidedly … [Read more...]

Neuro-Typical – The Long Walk EP

Neuro-TypicalThe Long Walk EP Let me just say that I have no problems at all with experimental or home recordings. Low budget, lo-fi, d.i.y. affairs can be intimate experiences and often reveal greater depth and substance than over-polished, overwrought major studio fare. But there has to be some sort of discretion between what is used for private … [Read more...]

Ether – Great Ocean Road

EtherGreat Ocean Road The only thing I can think of when I start listening to this album is exactly how much it sounds ready-made to be in a car commercial. I don't mean those hip, neo-bohemian "karmic unity through bank loans" commericals where they license Aisler Set songs that end up on Kazaa labeled "VW CAR TEHCNO AD SONG.mp3" - I mean those … [Read more...]

Radiogram – All the Way Home

RadiogramAll the Way Home It's very late right now, and I'm awfully tired, so perhaps the horns that are sliding through the mix of "Gone to Stay" don't have quite the uplifting effect that they should, but I can tell that Radiogram is on to something. All the Way Home is the sophomore album for Radiogram, a Canadian collective playing for the fine … [Read more...]

Golem – Libeshmertzn…(Love Hurts)

GolemLibeshmertzn...(Love Hurts) Klezmer music is traditionally played at Jewish weddings and holiday celebrations in Eastern Europe. New York-based klezmer band Golem (named after the legendary Jewish Frankenstein of Prague) has infused the World Music scene with a breath of fresh air by injecting Eastern European melodies and Old World songs with … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Quincy Shanks Sampler #4

Various ArtistsQuincy Shanks Sampler #4 Punk samplers are a dime-for-two-dozen. Go to your local record store or read a punk zine, various artist samplers come in all shapes and sizes. From benefit compilations to unadulterated "quote this is what we've been up to lately" smorgasbords, labels like putting out comp CDs and we all like buying them. … [Read more...]

Sweatmaster – Sharp Cut

SweatmasterSharp Cut Sweatmaster is yet another Scandinavian band out to teach Americans about their rock 'n roll roots. On Sharp Cut, the band's debut album, they offer up 12 songs in just under 30 minutes, taking punk rock succinctness and sentiment, adding a bit of Grand Funk and the Sonics mixed with Sly and the Family Stone, and creating one … [Read more...]

Eyes of Autumn – Hello

Eyes of AutumnHelloThe most creativity seems to come from the apathy and naïve brilliance of youth. When you are young, you have a right to feel any emotion, things never go your way, and that need for some sort of vent is the deepest. Eyes of Autumn purify the thoughts that still arise from those days. They are three guys from the Seattle … [Read more...]

Putrescine – S/T

PutrescineS/TShouted vocals, insane rhythm, shrieking guitar lines, this is the formula for Putrescine's musical machine. The band's real name is H2NCH2CH2CH2CH2NCH2, but Putrescine is somewhat easier to type. The disc starts out with "Maginot Line," and it draws you in so quickly with the angry hooks and rhythms that by the time "Museum of … [Read more...]