Names Without Numbers – S/T EP

Overkill. That insidious pattern that has destroyed many a style of music. What once was like candy to many people’s ears often ends up no better than the wrapper that covered it. Sadly, at least for emo fans, there are a lot of people who feel this way about the sweater-born version of punk. Many have proclaimed the death of the recent emo/rock trend. Though several of the genre’s most creative artists are still hard at work, the amount of carbon copy pretenders to these few forerunners are rapidly overpopulating the music community. This tendency has been seen at one point or another in almost every strain of rock and roll. Once something catches on, there are often far too many others that ride on the coattails of that once original idea. This fact has brought the naysayers out in full force, just as one can pick up a release by the latest “emo” super group at their nearest shopping mall. Cynics wonder if this brand of music has just been played out. Has a last effort for resuscitation been tried? If so, there has not been a band that has truly revitalized the sound recently. Maybe something different is in order. Well, how about a different sort of savior?
Names Without Numbers are a Christian emo band that try to bring something new to the aforementioned tired genre. Those who are skeptical of religion and rock don’t have much to worry about, though. These guys aren’t finger pointers. They let their message sit in the shadows which, sadly, is also where their creativity lies.
Though the group tries their best, they come up short in terms of uniqueness. Now, if one were to measure this band for its sheer energy, that would be another story. As predictable as the song structures are, this self-released EP does showcase an efficient and hyper band. One can sense the excitement as the band rounds each corner to the next chorus. Maybe its just that they are new to this brand of music? If so, that should say something in itself.
“Stars Between Stations” is a rollicking, up-beat number that is definitely in the toe-tapper category. However, nothing truly sets a track like this apart from the hundreds of others in the emo/rock category. This tune, like those countless others, has a sunny/melodic feel, typical stops and starts, and a rehashed pace. Though this track is not exactly hard on the ears, it does not truly warrant a second listen. “The Plastic Transition” does not differ much from the first track. It begins as light as a feather featuring clean-toned guitars and that patented emo/rock melody shining down over the rest of the instruments. “Waking from the Coma” also echoes the path previously laid down. Though the band shows that they know how to play, if they could inject a bit of originality into their material their ambitions would likely come off much more grand.
Overall, it is nice to see that these guys try hard. Their energy is very enthusiastic. However, they need to add something to the mix. Prayers are in order as this band searches for that extra edge.