Circle and Square – The Difference Engine

Circle and Square
The Difference Engine

Circle and Square is a relatively new indie rock band from New York City. They’ve already generated a sizable buzz in east coast circles, not an easy thing to do in a region so overcrowded with similar bands. However, the attention is well deserved in this case. This five-piece band crafts sweeping pop songs with plenty of drive and energy, while retaining a melodic sensibility. Their chaotic live shows are big part of their appeal, but Circle and Square’s songwriting is really their strongest asset.

“The Difference Engine” begins with a Fugazi-styled post-hardcore riff before flowing into a more relaxed verse part. Most of the music is very poppy but also rough around the edges. The distorted vocals, most likely a symptom of the demo-quality recording, tend to diminish the pop elements and play up the noise.

To date the band has only released one four-song demo, but already has a number of influential fans, notably Saves the Day frontman Chris Conley. After seeing Circle and Square play in NYC a few months back, Conley offered them a support slot on Saves the Day’s last tour. Circle and Square have absorbed the best elements of Built to Spill and Modest Mouse and blend them with a modern hardcore energy that’s all the rage these days.