Botch – An Anthology of Dead Ends

An Anthology of Dead Ends

After nearly a decade, Botch has decided to call it quits, and they leave us with An Anthology of Dead Ends to remember them by. And what a way to go out! Botch combines the technicality of metal and the raw ferocity of punk with complex time structures, similar stylistically to bands like Deadguy, Coalesce, and Converge.
The songs are named after countries with the letter “n” changed to “m”, ending up with song titles like “Japam”, “Micaragua” and “Vietmam”. The overall tone of the record can be summed up in one word: brutal. The devastating combination of metal, noise, indie rock guitar, rhythmic density, and scathing vocals is about as subtle as hitting your face with a sledgehammer.
The highlight of the album is “Afghamistam” where ferocity takes a backseat to melody with actual sung vocals and eventually fades out the drums, bass, and guitar and replaces them with keyboard and violin.
With An Anthology of Dead Ends, Botch delivers a eulogy for itself. It goes to show that they are going out at the top of their game. Botch is dead, long live Botch!