Bird Get the Smile – S/T EP

Bird Gets the Smile are a threesome of emo-rockers from the Boston area. They draw influences from Fugazi (but what band doesn’t), Jawbox, Trail of Dead, and most noticeably from Braid. A mixture of the last two bands is probably the most accurate description of the bands sound, except without all the energy. While these guys still have energy, it isn’t bulging from the seams like AYWKUBTTOD.
This EP opens up with “Far Away,” a pretty watered-down track about love lost, “Wrong this time / a dream about the way things could have been.” It has a very emo-rock feel to it, with nice emotive vocals sounding strikingly similar to the Braid vocalist. The next track, “Sure to Be” opens up with circling guitars and a slow drumbeat sounding something like an SDRE intro. Then there are some nice poppy vocal harmonies between the rueful breakup verses. Despite the pop harmonies, however, it still has a depressed feel to it, which better suits the subject matter.
The third track, “The Next Crime,” is my favorite. It starts off slowly, which makes the eventual explosion at the end more powerful. It also has some improved lyrics, “A mood turned interlude / Bend it to fit a mold / That’s never been done before.”
Overall though, Bird Gets the Smile didn’t impress me. They have a tried and true emo sound but the overly accessible lyrics and the lack of originality in any area make them easily passable. I also wasn’t impressed with the aesthetics of the CD. Every cover has the same image, and it doesn’t even remotely compliment the music. But I don’t want to be too harsh. The production was good, the band is solid, and I have heard much worse before.