Various Artists – Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man, Vol. 3

Various Artists
Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man, Vol. 3

This compilation’s goal is to provide exposure to some of the artists performing a different part of the world. Many of these bands have been around for a while and are well known in their area, while some are up-and-comers. All of these bands share a common goal, and that is to rock and rock hard. The music on this disc is raw and unabandoned; there are no flashy pretenses to be found anywhere. There are still places where real rock is found, and these bands are reperesenting them here.
Like many compilations, this one has some good tracks and some that are rather uneven and not well put together. Sweatmaster get everything rolling with “I Am a Demon and I Love Rock and Rock,” which is a raw primitive beast of a song with some good vocals. Baby Woodrose turn in a great performance with “Never Come Back” that sounds like a heavier garge track with soul influences that wouldn’t be out of place on the Nuggets 2. The Chronics clock in with a rambunctious “Slippin’ and Slidin’ ” that has some dirty guitar. On Trial turns in “Higher” that is very similar to more raucous Rocket From the Crypt with its greasy punk approach. The Launderettes give us a good mix of girl-group harmonies and punk backing that works nicely in “Nobody but Me.” The Flaming Sideburns turn in the best performance on this disc with “Blow the Roof Away,” which has rock attitude and deliberate pacing combined with snotty vocals.
Some of the lesser tracks on tghis record have the same energy but lack other skills the others have. Vegas V.I.P. turn in a rockabilly-flavored number that sounds a little like “Secret Agent Man” called “Nightrider;” it’s not terrible but awfully kitschy. Species give us “Ram it Up,” which is powerful musically but the songwriting is very weak and the song meanders along. The worst song on this disc is given to us by Thee Ultra Bimboos with “No Man’s No Good.” This song really doesn’t have much going for it with annoying vocals and extremely amateurish music.
This disc givers an interesting look at a music scene in a totally different part of the world. There is nothing remotely resembling a polished product with most of the music relying on its power and attitude. Most of the groups share a smilar sound as well, whcih can be expected since it is garage rock, but some are more convincing than others. It is good to hear bands keeping old fashioned rock alive all over the world where it has basically died out in the states. This disc is a very interesting example of the music played in different areas; it’s very interesting and entertaining but not mindblowing.