Tracy Husky – Capture My Flag EP

Tracy Husky
Capture My Flag EP

Tracy Husky is not a woman. Tracy Husky is a rock band from Massachusetts, and yes, all three members are male. Capture My Flag is a three-track EP that actually contains only two songs: the eponymous opening track, and two versions of a song called “Take Me On.”
“Capture My Flag” opens with a jangly guitar riff and builds into a pleasant mid-tempo number. The poppy beat and snappy lyrics bring to mind a slew of familiar alt-rock acts from the past few years. Despite its simplicity, the song works quite nicely. The intelligent, thoughtful lyrics evoke imagery of a laid-back Sunday spent with a lover or close friend: “Made me feel like a kid again today, take my hand, I’ll follow.”
The original version of “Take Me On” differs greatly from the “winter version.” In fact, had I not read the CD liner notes, I might have assumed they were different songs. While both versions are more abstract and experimental than “Capture My Flag,” they are also less enchanting. The mix on the original is louder, with distorted vocals and occasionally indecipherable lyrics. The same applies to the “winter version,” although this mix builds more slowly and features a psychedelic, almost underwater sound that is probably the result of overzealous studio tinkering. The mix is interesting, but I prefer the straight-ahead honesty of the other tracks.
While this EP is too short to give a real indication of what Tracy Husky might accomplish in the future, the outlook is promising. The band has left me wanting to hear more, and I’m sure that’s exactly what they intended.