Tie These Hands – Wearing Red

Tie These Hands
Wearing Red

This CD is all about relaxation and a burning feeling in your heart. Tie These Hands crowns the new emo revolution as better than anything heard. Coming from a small town and being three parts blood related, you know they are a very tight band and have a lot of emotion to let out. Their debut, Wearing Red, is poetic and beautiful, a new emotional masterpiece.
The music feels so close and hits your ears with a somber tone. Nothing on this record stops its brilliance. While one guitar is playing something a little raw, the other is playing something airy and rhythmic. The vocals are calmly sung and almost always just barely getting to the screaming point. The drums keep the time slow and progressive, controlling the music’s intensity but always keeping the same down-beat tempo. You feel like you’ve been in a half-hearted reality and are falling into Tie These Hands’ own world of straightforward rock.
The album starts out with “Driving a Street,” moving from a rhythmic melody played on the guitar and adding simple bass, drums, and well-sung vocals to the ever-so-popular post-hardcore half-screamed driving chorus. The album ran through a few more songs before it caught my ears again on a song called “Sunset Proportions.” It’s not straying too far from the down-beat music of before, but it seems to be the most substantial track on the album. Repeating the line “Life is broken” and eventually progressing into screaming, yet retaining the sound of Tie These Hands, the song reminds me something Deep Elm bands like Benton Falls or Cross My Heart would play. After the seamless eight first tracks, on comes the simpler and most emotional song on the album. It’s called “A Piano Song,” and, you guessed it, it’s a piano song. The simplicity of Tie These Hands’ vocals and the piano moving with the appealing sound of a piano is just amazing. Sometimes it is better to hear songs that aren’t laden with so many pop hooks and guitar effects and furious I’ll kill you vocals.
Tie These Hands are very much so an emo band, but they have a bit of style to their music. It’s an undeniably great album that can be compared to bands like Braid or the Deep Elm bands Cross My Heart and Benton Falls. It will take a minute or two for you to appreciate the beauty of this simple music, but I’m sure you will enjoy it nonetheless.