Thursday – 5 Stories Falling Live EP

5 Stories Falling Live EP

I can’t really understand why this EP was ever made; I suppose Thursday wanted something to tide fans over while they worked on their new album. Their latest album had been out a for good amount of time before the young mall-bound teenagers of America caught on and started buying all-things-Thursday, so it was probably best to put something new in front of them to keep their attention, but why like this? Couldn’t they come up with something a little less obvious? Why weren’t these recordings offered free off Thursdays website?
Five Stories Falling is simply another thing for the kids to buy up. Obviously, This CD contains live interpretations of Thursdays most known songs “Autobiography of a Nation,” “Understanding In a Car Crash,” “Standing on the Edge of Summer” and “Paris in Flames,” as well as a new recording of “Jet Black New Year,” the only new material offered here. As expected, hokey production and mixing is present, along with lots of audience singing (right up to the part where everyone in the crowd stops knowing the lyrics, starts mumbling, and trails off quietly).
“Jet Black New Year” is hardly enough to warrant a purchase. Hell, even “You Know You’re Right” isn’t enough to warrant a purchase of the new Best of Nirvana collection. (Nirvana easily being one of the most important bands of all time; I still have no plans on buying it.) One new song isn’t worth the price of a whole CD, not even if it’s a cheaply-priced EP. And if “Jet Black New Year” is the best new material Thursday has to offer, then most people should take a second thought at buying their new album when it comes out. It’s all over the place and seemingly can’t decide what it wants to be, jumping genres in a really unreasonable manner. Are they trying for a more down-trodden hardcore song? It’s hard to tell with the vocals jumping back and forth between sweet and sassy pop vocals and goblin screaming. And what’s with the synth part? Seriously … lyrics are pretty interesting though, they always did have that going for them. Some great guitar work, however, but there’s just no solid structure to the song.
Now, I’m not bashing Thursday by any means: Their performance at StacheFest 2001 in Rochester, NY was a damn damn good show, but I don’t think I need to buy a subpar recording of their live experience when I have the actual memories of a show. But then again, with the new batch of morons going to Thursday shows these days, I would understand if you just stayed home and gave this a listen.