The Girl With the Replaceable Head – Ride My Star EP

The Girl With the Replaceable Head’s debut EP is a good start, especially for someone with ‘only two proper gigs under her belt’. But it, like most debuts, has its share of recording issues and quirks.
Sometimes basic recordings (read: anything done on a budget) can sound very flat and very hollow. An easy amateur fix to that is to reverb the tracks all to hell, which gives the tracks a lot of depth and ‘warms’ them up a bit. Even I, as a young tyke, was very very guilty of this. But you have to think rationally; you can only reverb something so much before it starts to hiss as the various tracks own feedback interferes with the others. Its a simple mistake, but unfortunately it tends to mask a lot of what is going on with the song as the echoes overpower the voice. Unnatural reverbs are the crack cocaine of the recording world, seriously. Unless you are talking about Aerosmith; in that case, crack cocaine is the crack cocaine of the recording world.
Anyways, TGWTRH’s songs are decently basic at their core, acoustic diddies not containing a bit of harshness to them, with subtle pop hints, but no necessarily bad elements. The songs do flow well, but they lack some elements to make them necessarily captivating. Basic musical hooks are important in any kind of music. Similar production on the three songs included on this disc also blends the trio together in a way, making the few a bit hard to separate in an afterthought.
I wish she had recorded her songs in a much simpler manner: a 4-track with a couple mics in a bathroom, or anywhere else for that matter. I think her songs would stand out a lot more with more creative production tricks that would present each individual song in its own way. I think a lot of good material is being missed simply by how these songs were represented.