The Eskimos – Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow

The Eskimos
Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow

Athens, Ga. band The Eskimos gets an immediate point for doing all of their recording in a home studio where they have complete creative control over their music. Unlike some bands that follow a similar path and come off sounding like they don’t have a clue how to record, The Eskimos sound like they know exactly what they’re doing. Nothing is out of place on this album; although they do maintain some of the intimacy that home recording leaves room for – like the guy’s talking at the end of a song and other background noise.
The band’s second release, Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow, is packed full with 17 tracks. The Eskimos are a rock band through and through, but it seems they add little touches of everything they have ever experienced musically, so defining their sound any more clearly is nearly impossible. The only generalizations that are really possible to make about Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow is that the album is mellow and easy to listen to. Whether a person who likes rock, pop, or whatever will like this album or not – well, that’s as impossible to tack down as trying to pin one label on The Eskimos.
So, what are all these styles added to the rock core of The Eskimos? Well, there’s the mid-tempo rock numbers like “Can You Hear Me” and “Transport ” that have been infused with doses of pop, to start. Then there are the spacey, semi-distorted tracks like “Come On” and “Ghetto Kid,” which also manage to pack in Britpop style keyboards.
Perhaps the best selections on Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow are the more ones that The Eskimos have clearly been filtered through the group’s own ears and instruments to create a unique style. “Thoughts Are All You’ve Got” layers a gentle acoustic guitar strum with fuzzy keyboards and effects for nearly four blissful minutes. The vocals really shine here as well, with what sounds like all four members lending their voices in some way. The simplicity of “Satellite Blues” shows off the bands ability to create smoky rhythms that are gently touched in country.
Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow ends up as one of those albums that seem to fit any mood. The Eskimos have it all wrapped up – great production, wonderful vocals and lyrics, and the ability to skillfully handle on any style they want. The band’s constant evolution is apparent even in one album and will hopefully keep them going in fantastic new directions.