Retisonic – Lean Beat

Lean Beat

Jason Farrell and Joe Gorelick collaborate to form Retisonic, a post-rock band with obvious new-wave influence. Jason, the former Bluetip ringleader, handles the vocals, guitar, and the bass. Joe, formerly of Garden Variety, dishes out the beats, and some supporting vocals.
Lean Beat kicks off with “Caught in the Light,” a hard rock sounding track with a rather irritating chorus. During the chorus, it feels like a hook gets stuck in it, and the hook abrasively pulls the sound upwards. The next track, “Malaligned,” is a bit better. It actually starts off sounding a lot like a Green Day song, but then on the refrains it sounds just like Jets to Brazil. This might seem like a little much, to be able to switch back and forth from these two distinct sounds during one song, and it does seem a little – well, see the title of the song.
“Take Your Gun and Hide” is a love song gone wrong, “Today I found out I love you with your two front teeth knocked out / Never knew how until I’d seen the new vulnerability in your smiling face.” I thought the next song, “First Night of a Year-Long Mistake,” was going to be a great acoustic change-up. With proper melancholy lyrics and a nice acoustic introduction, it left me wanting more. Unfortunately, it turns out they were just teasing me, and it quickly transforms into another plugged-in rock song about 20 seconds in. This is still, undoubtedly, the band’s best offering, showcasing a proper understanding of melody and chorus.
It was really hard for me to get into this CD. It felt a little too busy for me. The lyrics throughout the CD didn’t seem to blend well into the music, which really pops out at the listener. The lyrics were also a bit too complex at times: remember simplicity can be golden. Bottom line is there are a few good tracks on this release and some lights of potential occasionally shine through. Lets see what their next release is like.