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Heros Severum – Wonderful Educated Bear

Heros SeverumWonderful Educated Bear "We are all just wonderful educated bears in the circus... ... performing tricks." Damn that's deep. That is the last line of a longer quote that is written on the inside of this CD, which also happens to be titled Wonderful Educated Bear. I never been one who enjoys captioned art, but hey, I guess it relieves … [Read more...]

Shiner – The Egg

ShinerThe Egg It's hard to believe that Allen Epley is still at it. With three critically acclaimed but largely ignored releases on three different labels, a slew of roster changes, and a young wife at home, you would think that a full decade of stress, frustration, and aggravation would have gotten to him by now. And it probably has to some degree … [Read more...]

The Silos – Cuba

The SilosCuba Even though it's obvious that much of the groundwork for the music we now enjoy was laid in the 1980s, even a casual look at that decade's most seminal releases will sometimes leave a listener (such as I) somewhat baffled as to exactly which elements were so inspirational to the bands that followed. Far too often, the original work … [Read more...]

Ashburne Glen – Making Aeroplanes of Our Bodies

Ashburne GlenMaking Aeroplanes of Our Bodies"Ashburne Glen's songs," the band claims, "examine the sturrings [sic] of soul and heart with a melancholy glean [sic] that only a native Texan sporting a whispery British accent can provide." That's the record in a nutshell right there - you've got your misappropriation of the English language, your … [Read more...]

Centaur – In Streams

CentaurIn Streams Am I the only one consistently disappointed by "space-rock?" Whenever I read a review of a "space-rock" band, I'm always intrigued, but very rarely satisfied. Most of the time, if I don't get pretentious, bloated art-rock (thank you Cave In), I get washed out, shoegazer ambience. Now both of the genres are fine and well, but … [Read more...]

The Sights – Got What We Want

The SightsGot What We Want Got What We Want is an album of well-produced, intensely focused yet diverse songs. Filled with catchy harmonies and memorable licks, this primal mix of garage and power-pop offers that winning combination of the familiar with a new, delicate twist. This Detroit group - made up of Eddie Baranek (guitar, vocals), Mark … [Read more...]

Clearing Autumn Skies – Pulses & Matter EP

Clearing Autumn SkiesPulses & Matter EP From San Jose, Calif. comes Clearing Autumn Skies, a brutal piece of metalcore mayhem. With dark melodies, intense breakdowns, and painful emotions, Clearing Autumn Skies is doing something right. While there are the generic elements of modern hardcore in this CD, there is something else behind it that … [Read more...]

Thursday – 5 Stories Falling Live EP

Thursday5 Stories Falling Live EPI can't really understand why this EP was ever made; I suppose Thursday wanted something to tide fans over while they worked on their new album. Their latest album had been out a for good amount of time before the young mall-bound teenagers of America caught on and started buying all-things-Thursday, so it was … [Read more...]

The Eskimos – Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow

The EskimosSomething Must Be Transmitted Somehow Athens, Ga. band The Eskimos gets an immediate point for doing all of their recording in a home studio where they have complete creative control over their music. Unlike some bands that follow a similar path and come off sounding like they don't have a clue how to record, The Eskimos sound like they … [Read more...]

We Ragazzi – The Ache

We RagazziThe Ache As often happens in music, while looking forward bands turn backward. There is an obvious and discernable incorporation of soul and blues into rock music, and while these were the founding stalwarts of rock-n-roll, movement in the 80s and 90s had been away from those influences. Bands like the Hives, the White Stripes, the Black … [Read more...]