Limited Sight Distance – S/T EP

Limited Sight Distance, or LSD, is mainly the project of Stephanie Fix and Kevin McMahon along with some help from various friends. LSD come from New York, and Fix uses many unique sounds and objects to create her different music. There are many occasions of different objects showing up in her music that most would not expect to hear. She is helped on this record by former and current members of bands like Mercury Rev, Varnaline, and Hopewell, and you can hear some of that in the music. The songs are pretty spacy and have a sparse folk atmosphere to them but also have different structures and sounds that stray from the folk formula.
“So Much Trouble” starts this disc of with a jumpy convulsive rhythm and guitar work that follows that pattern. There are many different sounds happening in this song with whirring electronics and spacey fuzzed-out guitar. Fix’s choked-back vocal style punctures the haze while the band lays down quite a different sound led by the work of David Horowitz on pots and pans, oil tank, and drum kit. “Cynical Eyes” and “Maybe” have a very distinct folk feel to them but are drastically different from each other. The former is much more sparse with slight guitar work clouded over by floating keyboard and electronics, while the latter is more fleshed out but still minimal in its own way and execution and has a Mercury Rev feel to it. “It’s Only Me” closes the disc off with it’s pretty guitar work and a very interesting keyboard and mellotron in the background. Fix’s vocals are very powerful and work very nicely with the music that tie in together very nicely which makes for very pleaseant listening.
This quick four-song disc is quite a pleaseant surprise to hear since it is pretty different from anything else I’ve heard. The musicians have done a great job creating interesting backing that is repeatedly engaging. The music on this disc is very nice spacy folk with many different things travelling through it to keep you interested. The pop hooks might not always be that clear, but they certainly are in the songs and with enough attention you will be able to pick them out. This is a very very good showing and will leave the listener wanting to hear more in the future; it is very quick and will leave you yearning for more as it ends.