Echo is Your Love – 8 Hours

Were I not sitting at the computer listening to 8 Hours as I write, I imagine I’d have a single candle lit and be lying on the floor starring at the ceiling. I’d be chain smoking and having visions of breaking something, anything, to let the rage out. In my delirium, moments of chilling calm would interrupt the frenzy. Then the violent thoughts would come rushing back in. Have you ever watched someone’s slow decent into madness or experienced your own? Yeah, it’s kind of like that.
8 Hours starts off with the deceptively lucid “Turn it Off,” a nearly six-minute song with one line of lyrics repeated throughout. Singer Nea Helsto’s voice is otherworldly and the distorted guitars are so hypnotic that you will not be prepared for the assault of the rest of the album. Consider “Practical Darwinism” which starts with a crunchy melody layered with out-of-tune guitars that slams full throttle into a rising cacophony of screaming and noise.
This is where the album hits the stride that’s ridden throughout the remaining tracks. “It Swallows Everything” hides its despair in an almost pop melody with lyrics like, “welfare is a fucking deep throat, finish your life with a long rope hanging at the end of everything you own wrapped in plastic, your heart of stone.” “Wake-Up” is one of the more avant-garde pieces on 8 Hours. This seven-minute plus track moves between straightforward rock and a combination of dissonance, feedback, distortion, screams, and whispers that make a straightjacket look inviting.
Somehow all the styles here, both previously existing ones and those created by the band, all come together in one relatively cohesive effort. You’ll find elements of rock, pop, punk, and more here, but these things will only flash through the chaotic sound Echo is Your Love creates. The songs here truly move through some of the most extreme feelings including violence, hatred, anguish, and emotional torture. If you weren’t feeling the angst of it all before listening to 8 Hours, I guarantee you’ll be ready to freak out by the time the album is done. In the case of Echo is Your Love, that’s a good thing. If you enjoy music that invokes intense physical and emotional reactions, you’ll love this album.