Dead to Fall – Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces

Dead to Fall
Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces

Out of Chicago comes Dead to Fall, quite possibly the meanest sounding Christian band ever. Everything else I’ve read about this band says they’re influenced by Nordic metal, yeah blah blah blah… I don’t know what that means, so I’m breaking it down into musical language I can understand.
Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces is Dead to Fall’s debut on Victory Records, and man have they come out with a bang. This album is dark, heavy, mean, chaotic, and a killer pit just waiting to happen. Tracks like “Memory” and “The Cost of a Good Impression” make this CD absolutely grand. Vocalist Jonathan Hunt’s screams are ferocious and the lyrics reflect the dark, gloomy mindset of the band. Lyrics like: “Taken advantage of forced I love you and broken goodbyes / Love is such a game to you / Love is such a game / Everything I touch falls to pieces / One more time for the memory… / One more time, one more time for us” make me cringe at the thought of being in love simply because it seems to suck so much.
The guitars, bass, and drums are all insane on this album, the guitars going through impossibly fast harmonies in minor scales, the drums and bass sounding like the very sound of the Apocalypse. This is what metalcore sounds like, and Dead to Fall have that sound down perfectly.
So while this CD is good, it sounds like so many other bands I can’t count them all. Dead to Fall no doubt works hard, and their live show is great. They’re apparently really nice guys too, but the fact is the CD is somewhat unoriginal.