Cribabi – Volume


Cribabi is the new outfit for one time Fine Young Cannibals member Andy Cox with Japanese vocalist Yukari Fujiu. Cribabi mix more dance elements in with the finely crafted pop you’d hear all over the radio in the 80s. Most of the material on this disc sounds like it very well could have come from the heyday of a group like Duran Duran or others of that ilk, but not as dated. Fujiu has a very powerful girlish voice that soars above laid down underneath in a trance-like manner.
“Everything is Nothing” starts the disc off with skittering electronics over a jungle-like rhythm and Fujiu ‘s multi tracked vocals. This song is pretty different than the others on the disc with different sounds fighting for space and creating a unique beat. “Map” is an almost confectionary tune, especially during the chorus where Fujiu’s vocals are very pretty. Cox and Fujiu do a good job mixing the organic with programming and electronics but are a little hindered here.
“I Can’t Go for That” is a very grooveable song with rapid-fire rhythm and sputtering squealing electronics. The multi-tracked vocals flow into the rhythm, creating a groove that I can picture people dancing to in a club. “Cry” is a nice poppy tune with squealing guitar and skittering structures going back and forth. “Beautiful Mistake” is a quiet loungy pop song with lilting vocals and the occasional horn fill. It has a little of a sensual feeling to it with Fujiu’s breathy vocals and classy musical backing.
Cribabi mix the dance and pop songs on this disc nicely, and their placement is a big positive. None of the songs are anything spectacular or new, but they are interesting and done well. There is very much a club atmosphere in these songs, and it is not hard to imagine this disc finding it’s place with dance fans. There is nothing bad on this disc of lite adult pop, but nothing of much substance either. For those who would like to know what 80s pop mixed with new dance sounds sounds like, this would be a good place to start.