Clearing Autumn Skies – Pulses & Matter EP

Clearing Autumn Skies
Pulses & Matter EP

From San Jose, Calif. comes Clearing Autumn Skies, a brutal piece of metalcore mayhem. With dark melodies, intense breakdowns, and painful emotions, Clearing Autumn Skies is doing something right. While there are the generic elements of modern hardcore in this CD, there is something else behind it that gives it a twinge of originality.
“Crestfallen” starts off this four-song disc and is four minutes and five seconds of intense brutality. Dissonance and anger are dominant on this song, and the dark melodies spoken of previously even come in shortly into the song with dark menacing drums behind it and syncopated guitar builds that add an extra bit of pain to the instrumental side of the song. The vocals sound like a mix between Hatebreed and The Hope Conspiracy: throaty, yet growled at the same time. The layered vocals also contribute to the finer points of the song. “…Squares” is also a great lesson in how to correctly play hardcore, the anger in this song makes you want to hit something … hard. The talent put into the music is impressive, since the notes sound like they’re being beaten out of the guitars.
“Polymer” differs from the previous two because it starts out with the brooding melodies and moves into a sinister moshcore riff reminiscent of Poison the Well’s breakdowns. The drums roll and are hit with such an intensity that it is hard to focus on anything but them. Then the song gets uncharacteristically pretty. I mean, it’s still played in a very very minor key, but the picked guitar melodies are something from a From Autumn to Ashes song. But then the song goes back to the violence that I’ve now come to expect from Clearing Autumn Skies. The syncopation that the guitars use is odd and sporadic and may not belong to a conventional time signature, but I slept through music theory, so I really have no idea. “Pleasant Disposition” is a good choice for a closer for this EP, but it makes you wish there was more. Perhaps you’ll just have to buy their new album.
So these guys are definitely worth your time, and money. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the San Jose area, I’m jealous, because all the hardcore bands out there seem to be in California now. I could set up my dream show: Radiation4, American Tragedy, and Clearing Autumn Skies.