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Alice Lee – Could This Be Love

Alice LeeCould This Be LoveCombining the slinky rhythms of the more popular Brazilian styles with the chord changes and sky-reaching crooning harmonies of 70s R&B stars like Stevie Wonder, Alice Lee has a general appeal that is at once artful and commercial. The softly mutated genre-fucking leaves me at a loss to call the music anything other than … [Read more...]

Raveonettes – That Great Love Sound

RaveonettesThat Great Love SoundWhile what I have heard from their first album, Whip it On sounds boringly uniform - and despite their often painfully trite lyrics (and equally chintzy name) - the Denmark-based Raveonettes have written a very catchy garage-pop tune, "That Great Love Sound." The breezy simplicity of their previous recordings was a … [Read more...]

Merzbow – Merzbeat

MerzbowMerzbeat Masami Akita, known to most of the world as Merzbow, has often claimed to be embracing a specific genre with his noise. He's claimed heavy metal (Noizehed), jazz (Door Open at 8am), and now glitch IDM. In the past, he's more or less dropped a sample or two over the top of his noise that places it in the "genre" he's purporting to … [Read more...]

Mick Turner – Moth

Mick TurnerMoth Since Australia's most loved instrumental trio - The Dirty Three - are no longer a strictly full-time concern, each band member has used the lengthy patches of downtime to explore equally expressive avenues. Violinist Warren Ellis has split his time between Nick Cave's Bad Seeds and releasing his own solo recordings. Drummer Jim … [Read more...]

Lower Forty-Eight – Halfback

Lower Forty-EightHalfback My first reaction upon hearing Halfback was: hey, this is the missing link between metal and punk. Surprisingly, I've never really heard music that melds Metallica-like riffs with raw, punk-rock vocals. To call Lower Forty-Eight's music "punk," however, would be misleading. The musicianship and complex compositions are … [Read more...]

Million Dollar Marxists – S/T EP

Million Dollar MarxistsS/T EP Maybe its a lack of anything better to do that provokes Canadians to create mass quantities of rock music. My friend Mike thinks it's the bagged milk. In any case, with a population of only 32 million give or take, the Great White North has retched up everything from Propagandhi to the Red Hot Lovers, and though I'm … [Read more...]

Bad Astronaut – Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem

Bad AstronautHouston: We Have a Drinking Problem Joey Cape has been a busy guy. Besides fronting Lagwagon, arguably one of the best poppy-punk bands around, he also divides his time between running My Records, joking around with the always entertaining Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and taking the helm for Bad Astronaut, a band that has grown to be … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man, Vol. 3

Various ArtistsPushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man, Vol. 3 This compilation's goal is to provide exposure to some of the artists performing a different part of the world. Many of these bands have been around for a while and are well known in their area, while some are up-and-comers. All of these bands share a common goal, and that is to rock and … [Read more...]

Lanterna – Sands

LanternaSands Lanterna is primarily the work of musician Henry Frayne, occasionally helped out by Steve Day who put together some rhythm tracks. Frayne was formerly a member of such bands as Area and The Moon Seven Times, and he has also contributed to many other projects. On one of his other previous discs, Frayne made music for a picture book … [Read more...]

Volta Do Mar – At the Speed of Light (or Day)

Volta Do MarAt the Speed of Light (or Day)Quite possibly the definitive math-rock album, Volta Do Mar have, on their second release and first full-length, crafted a work of genius. And I don't use that word lightly. The four members of this Chicago-based primarily instrumental band are incredibly talented musicians, as is evident on any one of … [Read more...]