The Missing 23rd – The Powers That Be

The Missing 23rd
The Powers That Be

Punk is really kind of getting underrated these days. I mean, sure you’ve got a lot of shitty bands out there doing it for the money. And then there are the pop queens who like to dress in black and wear lots of eye make up and pretend they’re punk. But once you get past all that you have bands like The Missing 23rd who are absolutely outstanding at what they do.
If you’re like me and you missed the whole hardcore punk scene of the mid-80s, then this is your chance to make up for it. The Missing 23rd are what Minor Threat would’ve been if they had smoked pot. In fact, the song “Control Your Life” is all about not letting drugs control you, but the lyrics give me a chuckle. “Nothing wrong with smoking dope, clears your mind helps you cope, but when it gets in your way you just have to say no way,” the band sings, but the album isn’t bad I promise.
The list of political punk bands these days is rather thin – Propaghandi and Anti-Flag are really the only major bands that I can think of. Time to add The Missing 23rd to the list. They express their discontent for the state in such songs as “Born into Struggle,” “Create Resistance from Within,” and “Grim Future.” The quality of the music is negligible due to the fact that this is just good old gritty hardcore punk. I mean, as indie music connoisseurs, we don’t really expect to find the next Coheed & Cambria in the punk section do we?
So check out The Missing 23rd. They’re already getting big in their local scene, having played with bands such as Propaghandi, Battery, Citizen Fish, Good Riddance, Agnostic Front, Suicide Machines, and Battalion Of Saints. And hopefully they’ll be getting more attention nationally soon.