Sometimes Seven – The Songs I Was Telling You About

Sometimes Seven
The Songs I Was Telling You About

Indiana is known for several things – most notably the Hoosiers, Kurt Vonnegut and Larry Bird. However, aside from sports and writing, there has not been a lot of commotion from the state in recent years, especially in the music scene. Though recent hardcore acts like Burn it Down were able to put the state on the map in the indie world, Indiana does not seem to get much respect. Is this due to a lack of effort or are acts in the state merely being overlooked because of their midwestern location?
Whatever the case for the rest of the bands in the state, Sometimes Seven is an Indiana rock band that combines a bit of emo and punk with a melodic, straight-laced, guitar driven sound. The problem with this combination is that it seems nearly every band under the sun is investigating this territory these days. Also, since the band does not convince with energy or exuberance in their playing, it is hard to get too far into this release before tuning it out. That is not to say that this band is bad. They play well together, they just need something to spice things up.
Tracks like “Let’s Go Rock and Roll” and “Little Dizzy” typify the sound of the entire record – mid-paced beats, fuzzy guitars and nasal vocals that tend to grate more than inspire. There are meanderings of Promise Ring-type riffs, sometimes with even a bit of Ramones-style energy (though that energy tends to get used up before it really gets a chance to cook). “Headrest” is a warm-sounding acoustic number that brings out the quieter side of the band. This track is nice to listen to, but, like the other songs, it stays at one static tempo throughout.
Sometimes Seven has potential. The group handles their instruments well and their melodies do linger. However, if the group had changed up the pace here and there, this album may have been more attention-getting. Instead, due to their lack of variety, the record comes off as little more than boring, if pleasant, background music.