Season – 2,551,446 Seconds EP

2,551,446 Seconds EP

Season is an intricate space rock band from Melbourne, Australia who plays deeply engaging and equally intriguing soundscape-based rock. The three-piece consists of James McGauran on guitars/keyboards, David Charles on bass/keyboards, and Bart Kowalski on drums/bass. The band has been playing together for over four years and plays instrumental music that aims to be both visually suggestive and emotionally stimulating. In addition, the band has composed the music for two short films, both of which were awarded Best Original Soundtrack. 2,551,446 Seconds consists of three songs that present both clean and intricate moments as well as heavier rocking and chaotic moments that shake things up a bit.
The EP starts with “Strata,” a number making effective use of clean guitars intertwining with high-end bass work amidst noisier moments. The song is mostly composed of repetition from these elements that eventually build upon one another. Intricate drumwork is also present, taking the song to another level. When the song starts to rock, things start to get quite intense with guitars that wail back and forth among pounding and crushing drums. In addition the guitarist uses a wah-wah pedal to create an interesting effect.
“Days Return” again starts with slowly building instruments playing a very Mogwai-esque beginning. The song is quite quiet but is still catchy while remaining very emotional. The second part of the song has a dark eeriness about it that is likely to send chills up anyone’s spine.
The last track, “Russia,” is a spacier tune that starts out with a gorgeous digitally delayed guitar part repeated continuously. McGauran shifts the mood by taking it up to a minor progression. A synthesized drum beat follows it along in the background as well. The song then turns into a part with xylophones that is somewhat reminiscent of the newer Mercury Program material. It’s a nice ending to an intriguing instrumental release.