Resignation – This Quiet Dust Was Gentlemen and Ladies EP

This Quiet Dust Was Gentlemen and Ladies EP

In John Water’s movie, Cecil B. Demented, Melanie Griffith plays a top Hollywood actress who is kidnapped by underground filmmaker Cecil B. Demented and forced to act in his latest movie. It includes a scene where Griffith reads lines of dialogue so badly that everyone on the set starts to starts to inflict pain on themselves: banging heads on metal poles, sticking the handle of a comb in their ears, stapling their necks, etc. That is what listening to Resignation’s three-song debut made me feel like.
Like Melanie Griffith’s character, Resignation has decided to inflict bad drama queen antics of the musical variety upon the world. While they consider their style to be avant-garde post-punk, it really sounds like highly ineffective Jeff Buckley imitations infused with really bad high school poetry.
The three songs are recorded well but suffer from dragging on endlessly, they need to chop away at least three minutes from each song. The lyrics are atrocious and pretentious. If I heard somebody saying them out loud, I’d honestly want to slap them.
As far as I’m concerned, Simon from American Idol was really right on the money when he dismissed the contestants so curtly. Why waste time; you either cut it or you don’t. So what would Simon say to the guys in Resignation? Live up to your band name and quit.