PROMIS – Everything is a Cube EP

Everything is a Cube EP

First of all, PROMIS is just one person, Thomas Nosewicz, and the music PROMIS makes is not easily accessible, nor is it melodic or pretty or rocking in the typical sense of the word. This is about as self-released as it gets, as PROMIS packages these short songs on a cool little business card-sized CD with some neat cover art. And all five songs here are available to be downloaded on the PROMIS website. But we at DOA endorse using MP3s as a means to buying CDs, not instead of buying CDs.
And all that explanation was far, far easier than describing the music you’ll find on Everything is a Cube. One guy with a computer and a synthesizer can do a lot of weird things. With no song over a minute and a half, you basically get a lot of funky synthesizer sounds, synthesized beats, wild vocal effects, and some electro-pop underlying. It’s odd, yet intriguing in a car-crash, can’t look away sort of way.
“5 Cubes” starts with hints of a beat and heavily synthesized vocals and melodies. It sounds like one of Beck’s weirdest moments, at least in terms of vocal effects. “Bureaucratic Witchcraft” is almost nonexistent, while the 1:24 “(This is) NOLA Discore (So Get Used to It!)” is much more beat-intensive and funky. All beats, in fact, which makes it pretty cool. “Terrible Veteran” sounds the most like a real song, with beats and synthesized melodies, sped up and herky jerky, all over the place, as the song stops and starts. And the discordant “Lugubrious Archivist” finishes with a hodge-podge of sounds, vocals, and funky little beats.
So yeah, this is weird, hodge-podge, miss-match stuff. Some of it’s fun, but it’s over too quick. And yet too much more would likely be too much. Synthesized experimentalism has been done quite often, and if you like that sort of thing, check out PROMIS. And check out the PROMIS website. It brings me back to the old school days when everything was text based and creating big words out of regular-sized letters was cool. Ah, nostalgia. Also, I hate when people capitalize words that are not acronyms. It gets on my nerves.