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Hangedup – Kicker in Tow

HangedupKicker in Tow It struck me while listening to Hangedup's new album, Kicker in Tow, just how uniform rock music is. I was a bit disappointed in the uniformity of sound on the album, and I originally hypothesized that it's because, for the most part, the band creates sound only two ways: rhythmic percussion and violin noise. I thought, hell, … [Read more...]

End on End – Why Evolve When You Can Go Sideways?

End on EndWhy Evolve When You Can Go Sideways? Substandard Records has been pumping out astonishing hardcore bands, and End on End is no exception. Like a lot of politically driven hardcore bands, they capture that explosive sense of revolutionism. But behind all the anger, there's an intense emotional backdrop with this band. The pain of … [Read more...]

Various Artists – A Testament to Broken Walls

Various ArtistsA Testament to Broken Walls The first thing mentioned in the liner notes of this compilation is, "the main purpose of this release, like any challenging punk/hardcore record, is to engage people in a dialogue. As you might notice, there is an interesting, uncommon mix of bands on this record. You will find bands that are strongly … [Read more...]

Cober – The Breaker

CoberThe BreakerDue to being instantly turned off by the gothic, funny (to me) cover art and images in the packaging, I've been dreading writing about this CD since I got it. Any band worth anything creates music that's personal and heartfelt; you don't need a bare chest with a bleeding hole in it or a shot of a rib cage to get that point across. … [Read more...]

Wheel of Doom – Ladiatia

Wheel of DoomLadiatia If anything can pull all my attention right into an album it's a combination of a truly unique style and interesting vocals. Wheel of Doom's Ladiatia managed to not only seize my attention in about two seconds, it flat out floored me from start to finish. Though the album contains only six songs, I'm absolutely mesmerized by … [Read more...]

PROMIS – Everything is a Cube EP

PROMISEverything is a Cube EP First of all, PROMIS is just one person, Thomas Nosewicz, and the music PROMIS makes is not easily accessible, nor is it melodic or pretty or rocking in the typical sense of the word. This is about as self-released as it gets, as PROMIS packages these short songs on a cool little business card-sized CD with some neat … [Read more...]

Noahjohn – Water Hymns

NoahjohnWater HymnsI'm not normally the biggest fan of music that verges on country, but I pride myself on giving everything a chance or two, and Noahjohn's country-infused Water Hymns certainly won me over. Fronted by Carl Johns, who sports an honest-to-goodness handlebar mustache, many might dismiss Noahjohn simply on the first few lines of this … [Read more...]

matt pond PA – The Nature of Maps

matt pond PAThe Nature of MapsMatt Pond and his band have mastered the kind of mature indie-rock that's taken over the hearts of indie-minded kids who grew into the genre with bands like Guided By Voices and Pavement. Much more focused and instrumentally sound, the new style of indie bands features strong songwriting and a greater range of … [Read more...]

Magstatic – Country vs. City

MagstaticCountry vs. CityIt's been more than four years since Magstatic's "Somedays" caught my attention on Deep Elm's Emo Diaries 2. Since then, the Utah band has released two full-length albums and a 7" on Sub Pop Records, not to mention opening for Sunny Day Real Estate. Now they're back with Country vs. City, and, lo and behold, tucked away at … [Read more...]

The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up – Homemade Drugs

The Jim Yoshii Pile-UpHomemade DrugsAs a follow-up to last year's lush and epic-sounding It's Winter here, Homemade Drugs shows this Oakland five-piece moving in a new direction. Gone are the lush, layered atmospherics that drew similarities to Mogwai and Radiohead, although hints are still found below the surface. Instead, the Jim Yoshii Pile-Up … [Read more...]