Outrageous Cherry – The Book of Spectral Projections

Outrageous Cherry
The Book of Spectral Projections

Outrageous Cherry formed in 1993 and has been playing around the Detroit area and elsewhere since then. This, in addition to several full-length releases, has helped them build a significant following. The Book of Spectral Projections was initially released by the UK-based label Poptones in the summer of 2001 (might I add, with much better cover art). This reissue by New York’s Rainbow Quartz brings the good tunes back stateside.
The record is hard to pin down to a genre because it feels reminiscent of so many things all at once. It runs the gamut from sleepy psych pop-rock to the more 70s garage-rock influenced sounds and back to something reminiscent of orchestral AM gems. There is a definite unity here, and it seems apparent, just from hearing this release, that Outrageous Cherry is a band that has grown into their sound and settled into something that they demonstrate real talent for.
The laid-back and rhythm-driven song “The Unseen Devourers” is guaranteed to get you bobbing your head to the syncopated chorus and lush, spacey meandering. This is one of the definite gems of the album worthy of any mix-tape with an innocuous theme. Another keeper is “There Where the Stars a Cracking Up,” a strummy acoustic number that draws a solid melody together with the same echoed vocals that are featured throughout the record. In fact, Outrageous Cherry really only shines when they are doing the more fun and upbeat numbers. The rest can come off as background music that isn’t particularly compelling.
After 12 or 13 songs, the record gets largely samey with few variations in tempo or song mood. An implicit darkness and unsettling nature is created in many of the songs because of weird hippie lyrics. This unfortunately clouds my overall opinion of a release that is solidly rocking at the outset. Still, Outrageous Cherry packs in some amazing rock-pop into the initial selections on The Book of Spectral Projections that are just about enough to redeem this release.