Nymb – The Breathing Out Vapors Single

The Breathing Out Vapors Single

Nymb broke up approximately a year ago, as I write this, so I was surprised to see a new EP by them turn up in my mailbox. I knew that the band had released another extended EP titled Nothing New with several new songs, and a little research determined that this release – essentially a single for one of the best tracks from their last full-length So, This is How it Is – was released before that full-length and so is a year and a half old. Still, it was sent to us for review just recently, and since I hadn’t heard it, it’s new to me, and it’s a fine way to let our readers know of a band they most likely – and tragically – overlooked.
Nymb was a four-piece from the midwest who played fantastic, tight, and emotional indie rock that verged on emo. Their songs were lovely yet often powerful, led by the vocals and guitar of Elaine Doty. Most often compared to Rainer Maria, there are many similarities in style between the two bands, although Nymb’s music nicely stands on its own.
Here we get the stellar single from their last full-length, “Breathing Out Vapors (Inhaling Fumes),” a track that basically comes in two parts (and two separate tracks, although the band generally refers to it as one song). This one rocks about as hard as the band gets, with guitars often thick and powerful even as Doty’s voice soars melodically underneath. The guitars get nicely melodic at times, bringing to mind the more rocking moments of Jejune, another sorely missed band. Of the two new songs, “12” is the better track, led by a powerful rhythm and some nicely melodic yet energetic and soaring guitar work. The guitars on “Show Me Home” are kind of shimmery, with some effects that give the song a more spacey feel. The EP concludes with an acoustic version of “Rope and Ring,” a stellar song from their Glass Eye EP that allows Doty’s voice to really shine and demonstrates her range.
I miss Nymb, and it was fun to hear some new songs from the band. Any fan of this stellar project would want to own this single/EP, and it’s worth seeking out, because the new songs and acoustic track are as good as any of their other tunes. But I highly suggest new fans seek out So, This is How it Is, a fantastic full-length album from an excellent band that will be missed