Loaded Dreams – In it But Not of It

Loaded Dreams
In it But Not of It

Loaded Dreams are a band hailing from New York who formed in 2001, and this is their debut release. The band was originally formed as a two-piece with members Lynda Kady and Gene Park who then enlisted others to fill out the sound. The band has a very distinct dream pop feel to it, sort of like that of a fuller Galaxie 500. Lynda Kady’s vocals are very strong and have their own presence but do not over power the proceedings.
“Shin On” starts the disc off with some strong vocals that come over a humming musical backdrop. This song sports some nice guitar work and a very strong rhythm section performance with good drum work. “Lovely Day” also has a very cloudy approach with atmospheric guitar layers and overflowing electronic elements. Kady asserts herself very nicely on this song with her husky vocals taking the fore over the accompaniment that plays to her strengths. “Mercy is another standout track with Kady to the fore and the band providing nice sparse backing. Kady’s vocals have a beautiful quality to them, while the melody just floats in the listener’s ears.
Loaded Dreams have started themselves out nicely with their first collection of songs. The band has a lot of good going for them, but they do have room for improvement. Kady does have a strong voice, but on occasion she sounds like she is reaching too far out of her vocal range, showing weakness. Also sometimes the songwritng is a little lackluster and lacks much that is memorable, but the songs are still fun to listen to. It’s a good start for this band that creates very nice melodies that show a lot of heart with many things working for them.