Kudzu Wish – At the Scene of the Accident

Kudzu Wish
At the Scene of the Accident

The cover of this release features artwork in which two cars are crashing into each other. What does this symbolize? Do the bands have a penchant for destruction? Is the label trying to “crush” the competition? Most likely this collage seems to stand for what this record comes together to form – two bands of similar styles crashing into each other to fill both sides of a mediocre debut release.
Disband’s half of the disc manages to drift back and forth between a pulsing, rhythmic structure and a fairly solid sense of melody; picture a mid-era Fugazi combined with some of Engine Down’s more recent material. “We Pulled Your Ass Out of the Flame in WWII” is a comprehensive example of the best of what Disband has to offer – a tightly played stab at a 21st Century version of post-hardcore. They pump out their tracks decent enough and also manage to come off a bit angrier than their counterparts on this release. Though they don’t quite tread on wholly original ground, they do an adequate enough job to please fans of solidly played music.
Kudzu Wish is fairly similar in style to Disband, except that they don’t have the same feeling of despair lurking underneath. Not to say that Disband is some sort of angry older brother, they just exude a slightly more dissatisfied feeling. A prime example of what Kudzu Wish has to offer is “On the Spot.” It’s a fairly typical guitar-driven, mid-tempo take on rock in a post-hardcore vein. The vocals come off as fairly whiny, which, at some points detracts from the tone they seem to be going for.
This recent release from Ernest Jenning gives fans of post-hardcore styled rock something to whet their appetite with; however, the results do not come off quite as satisfying as a nice main course.