Failure Plus – Care Less Now

Failure Plus
Care Less Now

Failure Plus recorded their indie disc Care Less Now at Richard’s house, and mixed it at Brent’s house. Unfortunately, it sounds like it.
There are 13 tracks on the disc that range in quality from “promising” to “painful.” The first song on the disc, “Long Fucks Up,” is mixed in such a way that, quite frankly, it sounds terrible. The rest of the tracks on the album don’t sound so muddy and muffled, so I can only suspect that this poor mix was an intentional experiment. The experiment failed.
Interspersed between reasonable acoustic guitar diddies and generic alt-rock are some other strange attempts at, well, strangeness. “Inhumanities Part I” contains a long sample of what appears to be a news report about Iraq. The sample is gradually overwhelmed by irritating screeching feedback, which increased in intensity for several minutes until I flipped to the next song. If anyone is actually able to hear this one out to the end, I’ll buy them a beer.
Tracks such as “Slowdrive” and “Five Hearts” do contain some decent music. When they want to, Failure Plus can play their instruments adequately and come up with some inventive tunes and lyrics. Their amateurish, unpretentious style can be quite endearing, much in the way that Eric’s Trip’s basement recordings won over legions of fans. That said, there is no substitute for a well-written song. Failure Plus is a product of musicians in their early years. Right now the band should dispense with the studio trickery – instead, they should polish their guitar playing and practice writing solid songs. Check back in a few years.