Exit Ocean – S/T

Brooklyn’s Exit Ocean offer up a self-titled and self-released debut full-length that is quite impressive. The group formed in early 2001 in singer/songwriter Brad Cantor’s basement. The group has slowly built up a steady fanbase, playing shows at the ACME Underground in NYC as well as Brownies and Siberia. Their sound is intricate and flows easily with passionate vocals and plenty of jazzy guitars swinging about in the background. The band can shift back and forth between heavy and soft quite easily, never really showing any type of aggression but always rocking out effectively. Their record features 10 songs that were recorded and produced by the band and features a blue CD case unlike any I’ve ever seen before.
The album starts out with “Deer Hunt,” a nicely put-together emotionally sound and jazz-influenced piece. Guitars wander around finding one another and playing softly yet firmly. Cantor’s vocals are quite reminiscent of The Sea and Cake and fit quite nicely with the additional instrumentation. The band throws in arpeggios every once in awhile, sounding also reminiscent of Chris Broach’s guitar stylings of Braid. “Broken A/C” is another song that features Braid type of guitars swirling along one another though a bit heavier this time around. Smooth drumming and passionately sung vocals round out the number. “My Emotional In” takes things down a notch with steady and intricate drums and letting guitars ring out quite to find themselves. “Wood Paneling” is my favorite song off the record with clean and softly picked guitars playing and meandering with one another. It’s the kind of song you want to listen to when you’re driving on a nice day cruising down the highway. Guitars ring in and out playing delicately and effectively waiting for the vocals to come in and eventually work quite nicely with them.
Overall, I’m digging the release, and these guys write some amazingly catchy and interesting rock. If you’re even remotely into the aforementioned bands you might want to try checking these guys out.