Examination of The… – We are the Architects of Desire

Examination of The…
We are the Architects of Desire

“Oh my lord.” This was the reaction once I caught my breath and allowed my heart to slow down and return to a normal pace. Take a listen and tell me if you don’t feel the same way.
“An Ocean Of Lust,” the opening track on Examination of The…’s latest effort, We are the Architects of Desire, is a lengthy instrumental of sorts, with samples programmed on repeat, set to the sound of various metallic crunches, computerized blips and bleeps, and a wide array of maniacal eeriness. These rather somber few moments in no stretch of the imagination prepare you for what is about to happen. Without more than a second’s notice, the follow-up track, “Romantic Instances that Blur the Line Between Sweet and Sultry,” completely knocks you on your ass. It is a hefty dose of slightly melodic hardcore, complete with vocal chords that sound as though they are being shredded, guitars that cry out in agony, and a rhythm section that beats you over the head every chance it gets.
“The Belly of an Architect” and “The Feeling is Always / Never” take a similar approach, buzzing through your skull before you have a chance to catch your breath, pummeling away with just enough sense of melody to keep things from getting too grating, and brimming with such a potent sense of conviction that it is difficult not to take notice. That slightly melodic side steps further into the spotlight with “Each Lust in Prada,” an equally heavy and intense but vaguely calmer intermission placed comfortably in the middle of the album. Things then kick into full gear again during the second act with songs like “An Overindulgence,” “She’s No Stitch,” and “The Incision and Sweet Taste of Uncertainty,” while “Black Hair…Black Eyes” offers a brief sort of respite in between, though it isn’t exactly mellow. Closing things out is “Lady Red / They Spy Down From Prison Towers All Around,” which returns to the slightly slower and more chugging metal sound of “Each Lust In Prada,” ending with some eerie electronics that allow you to finally take a step back, catch your breath, smoke a cigarette, and clean your jaw up off the floor. By now, you’re completely spent.
Ten tracks blur by in barely 23 minutes, which should give you an idea of the pace of this album. Featuring former members of bands like Eclipse of Eden and Spirit of Versailles, the guys of Examination of The… are friends with and currently touring with buddies Planes Mistaken For Stars, and that is where the most logical comparison comes from. Examination of The… is far too aggressive for the casual listener, but they will be adored by fans of quality hardcore and could easily appeal to those who walk a line somewhere in between. For example, I am not a hardcore fan. Most of it just sounds the same to me and sloshes together as a headache-inducing, unintelligible mess. I am more than willing to admit this, as well as the fact that I enjoy some of what people are now labeling “screamo,” and Planes Mistaken For Stars is one of the heaviest things in my record collection when it comes to this sort of thing. But I enjoyed this album, which, despite all the personal rambling, really says a great deal.