Bronze – Let it Rain EP

Let it Rain EP

This EP from Bronze is like a 10-minute pick-me-up. Though only three tracks, it’s packed with enough feel-good indie-rock that you can’t help but be invigorated. The English group is made up of Paul Handyside (guitar, vocals), Rob Tickell (bass, backing vocals), Ade Evans (drums, backing vocals), and the recently added Pete Bell (guitar). Handyside and Evans actually demoed more than 30 songs before bringing Tickell and Bell into the fold. Bronze has released a 7″ on Bus Stop and their first full-length, featuring the three songs found here, was just released this fall.
The group surprises me with a variety of styles that make me wonder what they can do live. Bands that can move seamlessly between genres or blend them together with little or no effort always impress me, and Bronze is no exception. The members’ experiences in other bands (most notably, Handyside’s 80’s foray with Hurrah!) have clearly seasoned them as musicians.
The Let it Rain title track is upbeat and tinged with pop sensibility. It’s simple but catchy, and I really dig Handyside’s vocals that are nicely layered by an assortment of background vocals. “The Statue in the Stone” is the highlight for me with its fuzzy, driving guitar and frenzied pace. This song shows off a more punk side of Bronze while still maintaining a broader indie appeal. The final track, “We Stand Alone,” takes the EP on another turn with its alt-country influence. This acoustic tune is uncomplicated and really focuses on the emotion behind the lyrics.
Paul Handyside has been quoted as saying that Bronze tries to “do justice to a wide range of styles.” If the band’s full-length release follows the path of the Let it Rain EP, then I imagine they’ve accomplished exactly what they set out to do. Like many EPs, Let it Rain‘s three songs only make me want to hear more. Bronze has a great combination of enjoyable vocals, great musicianship, and expressive lyrics that I believe stem from a group just doing what feels right to them. These guys have been around for awhile and have nothing to prove. Their unpretentiousness makes Let it Rain all the more satisfying.