Awek – S/T EP


This self-titled EP from New York City’s Awek takes me back about 10 years to the innocent heyday of indie rock. The simple guitar melodies, quirky lyrics and low-fi production remind me of Hum (remember them?) or perhaps a junior Weezer, with a little less polish.

Awek certainly doesn’t break any new ground but their honest sound is a refreshing break from a lot of other new bands who are more conscious of their image than their music. Awek know who they are, and their comfortable competence pays off. While singer Paul Schalda’s vocals are sometimes a tad twee for my liking (such as on “Say Goodbye”, where he repeatedly whines “Is this the start of something big or is this the start of something small?”), his clean, high-pitched vocals generally suit the lyrics and instrumental backdrops nicely. My personal favorite, “Annie Hardly Listens Now,” is buried at the end of the disc and contains a fuller, more textured sound that is missing from some of the earlier tracks.

There is more worthwhile music on this neatly packaged five-track EP than many bands can pack into a 72-minute epic. No hype! No filler! Indie rock lives, and Awek is proof.