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Outrageous Cherry – The Book of Spectral Projections

Outrageous CherryThe Book of Spectral Projections Outrageous Cherry formed in 1993 and has been playing around the Detroit area and elsewhere since then. This, in addition to several full-length releases, has helped them build a significant following. The Book of Spectral Projections was initially released by the UK-based label Poptones in the … [Read more...]

Rainer – The Farm

RainerThe Farm Without a doubt, the process of releasing records posthumously is a thorny issue. Sometimes putting out unreleased recordings after an artist's untimely death can be a comforting act of closure to relatives and fans alike, but at the same time it can also be done for less than altruistic reasons. More often than not, it can be an act … [Read more...]

Low – Canada EP

LowCanada EPIt's good to know that Low aren't just a plain old album-tour-album-tour kinda band. For every annual or biannual Low album, there's always at least two or three interim releases across different labels (Tugboat, Kranky, Rough Trade, Subpop et al.), multiple formats (limited 7", EP, mini-album), and sometimes releases in collaboration … [Read more...]

Les Sans Culottes – Faux Realism

Les Sans CulottesFaux RealismI admit, the name of the band, Les Sans Culottes, and their latest release, Faux Realism, sound plenty pretentious. And yes, this New York-based septet likes to play in costume, answer to clever nicknames, and act pompous. So what's so different between Les Sans Culottes and the rest of this rash of hot new bands coming … [Read more...]

Stella Luna – Stargazer EP

Stella LunaStargazer EP Stella Luna's label, Clairecords, proclaims themselves "the indie record label for the modern shoegaze set." Little more needs to be said. Stargazer is a half-hour EP that surely fits neatly within anyone's definition of shoegazer music. All four tracks bring us back to a time - slightly less than a decade ago - when … [Read more...]

Examination of The… – We are the Architects of Desire

Examination of The…We are the Architects of Desire "Oh my lord." This was the reaction once I caught my breath and allowed my heart to slow down and return to a normal pace. Take a listen and tell me if you don't feel the same way. "An Ocean Of Lust," the opening track on Examination of The...'s latest effort, We are the Architects of … [Read more...]

Loaded Dreams – In it But Not of It

Loaded DreamsIn it But Not of It Loaded Dreams are a band hailing from New York who formed in 2001, and this is their debut release. The band was originally formed as a two-piece with members Lynda Kady and Gene Park who then enlisted others to fill out the sound. The band has a very distinct dream pop feel to it, sort of like that of a fuller … [Read more...]

The Gathering – Black Light District

The GatheringBlack Light District Twelve and a half years ago, The Gathering played heavy metal in a small town in the Netherlands. Apparently the sound struck the small Dutch town like an abdominal cramp, in a good way. The Gathering became a big thing in the Netherlands, and through travail and travel they were able to build themselves a wide fan … [Read more...]

Burd Early – Magnet Mountain

Burd EarlyMagnet Mountain In the wake of September 11th, some media pundits suggested that irony may well have died in the United States for the immediate future. While that pronouncement proved a bit premature, as within weeks we were back cracking jokes about how dumb George Bush is and how weird Michael Jackson looks, the music released in the … [Read more...]

Loscil – Submers

LoscilSubmersWarning: You are going to get lost in this album. Like Yo La Tengo's Sounds of the Sounds of Science, you might put it in, expecting something else, but like South Pacific's Constance, you're going to get an album's worth of wordless inspiration. And you're going to fucking love it. This album is loosely based around submarines; each … [Read more...]